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Carry-on Luggage Restrictions (LAGs)


Carry-on Luggage Restrictions for Liquids Areosols and Gels (LAGs)

Since August 2006 many countries have introduced restrictions for liquids, aerosols and gels (“LAGs”) in carry-on luggage.


Can I still buy duty free on arrival into Australia?


·  Purchasing duty free on arrival into Australia is unaffected by these rules. Buy on this website and have your purchases ready for collection when you return to Australia. It’s the hassle free way to buy great value duty free and have less to carry (you can also order your goods in our stores or by calling 1800 733 000).

Are there Australian LAGs restrictions for the duty free that I buy on departure from Australia?


·  Australian restrictions relate to what you can take through security screening at the airport. Purchases made on this website are collected from our departures stores located after security screening. It is therefore OK to buy duty free on this website and at the airport from the point of view of Australian regulations.

What can I take through security screening at the airport?


·  Each container of liquids, aerosols or gels in your carry-on baggage must be 100 millilitres or less. They must all be sealed in a transparent, one-litre plastic bag. You are only allowed one bag. Any resealable bag of one litre capacity or less is allowed. You may still carry through the screening point prescription medicines. Baby products and non-prescription medicines that you need for the flight are also allowed. Proof of need may be required. PURCHASES OF TAX AND DUTY FREE GOODS AFTER SECURITY SCREENING AT THE AIRPORT CAN BE TAKEN ON FLIGHTS AS CARRY-ON.

For further information please visit:


What are the restrictions for other countries around the world?

·  Restrictions vary from country to country.

·  If you are flying direct then for most destinations duty free purchases are unaffected although some countries require that liquid, aerosol and gel duty free purchases are carried in sealed tamper evident bags (STEBs) available in our stores.

·  If you are transiting / taking a connecting flight - you're likely to be affected by LAGs restrictions. We recommend that where possible you purchase your liquor, fragrance and cosmetics goods for collection on arrival into Australia.


·  Please check LAGs restrictions with your airline or our staff in-store if you are transiting / taking a connecting flight and plan to buy liquor, fragrance or cosmetics.

·  We recommend that you check restrictions for your destination with your airline, or check with our staff in store before purchasing liquid, aerosol and gel products.

·  Technology, watches, sunglasses, chocolate and souvenirs purchases are unaffected.